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September 13, 2011 Beauty Myth “Killing Us Softly” Part 4 We think this and buy this. We spend the money on something that we will never be. That is the modification of beauty. Intersectionality of race and class-assimilated to the western culture. This is racist and sexist. Heteronormative view on beauty- language such as “pretty” “beauty”-based on a white idea that’s not realistic, even for white women. We are purchasing and supporting things that continue to oppress us. What we want and what we are suppose to want. o The value of beauty is on the appearance without knowing that we are placing it there. As I get more successful, I get the more “trophy wife.” What men are valued for is their propensity to earn. I make the dough, you keep the figure. We often perpetuated without knowing that we do. o We both are prisoners. o We don’t question that it infiltrate our brain. We’ve had a long time to learn that these are the values that matter. WE get these ideas at a young age. WE only do we judge
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Unformatted text preview: others, we judge ourselves. Women judge women and Men judge women. We don’t take the time out to say “This is just not ok”. When we complain about this, we are said to be feministic that complain and are sensitive. Women are viewed as object that are desired. We are “things” and not a person. Men are told that they should find a woman that doesn’t even exist. Just to say “Look what I got.” The more you buy into the dream, the more of these pitfalls become more relevant in your life. This is how some people judge success., “The American Dream” When you don’t buy into it, you become a little less accessible. o Word don’t by themselves have meaning. WE give them meaning. Can the word be debunked? Yes, but it has to come from the power of elite. We advertise to those that can buy the product. If we don’t purchase it, then the images change. We we start to demand different, then those images change....
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