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Questions for Exam 1 - 3 What is biological determinism How...

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Questions for Exam 1.) What are the 12 elements of an institution: explain them a. What is the relevance of calling gender on institution (notes on Institution & femininity) 2.) What is the beauty myth? How does it work? How are we culpable for perpetuating it? Why would it be considered a form of social control? (Institutions and Femininity notes )
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Unformatted text preview: 3.) What is biological determinism? How does Mead’s article refute it? –ch 5. ch. 2 ch. 3 4.) What is the difference between spheres and boundaries (clearly explain both)? What is the point of the discussion/comparison? What a pro of using boundary language? What is a critique of the boundary/negotiation argument?...
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