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The Gendered Society Kimmel Ordained by Nature Biology Constructs the Sexs Female exploitation begins here. Culture has little to do with it, because the genes hold culture on a leash. Towards this end he tries to fertilize as many eggs as he can. Thus males, have a “natural” propensity towards promiscuity. A woman seeks marriage to monopolize not a man’s sexuality, but rather, his political and economic resources, to ensure that her children (her genes) will be well provided for. Not only are women predetermined to be monogamous, but also they link sexual behavior to emotional commitment, extracting from those promiscuous males all manner of promises of love and devotion before they will finally “put out.” Thus, males are hardwired genetically to be promiscuous sexual predators, ever on the prowl for new potential sexual conquests, whereas females have a built-in biological tendency toward monogamy, fantasies of romantic love and commitment coupled with sexual behavior, and certain sexual reticence that can be overcome only by chivalric male promises of fealty and fidelity. In hunter-gatherer societies, men hunt and women stay at home. Genetic bias is intense enough to cause a substantial division of labor in the most free and most egalitarian of future societies. Evolutionary psychology, which declares an ability to explain psychological differences between women and men though their evolutionary trajectories. In every society, females placed a highest premium on signs of economic prosperity, whereas men placed their highest premium on youth and beauty, whose signal traits were large breasts and ample hips, i.e., signs of fertility. The single trait most highly valued by both women and men was love and kindness. o Evolutionary success depends more on our similarities than our differences Rape, for men, is simply an adaptive reproductive strategy of the less successful male, sex by other means. If you can’t pass on your genetic material by seduction, the pass it on by rape. o
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Ordanied by Nature - The Gendered Society Kimmel Ordained...

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