Introduction - The Gendered Society Kimmel Introduction...

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The Gendered Society Kimmel Introduction Human Beings: An Engenderd Species We hear how men and women are different Cosmic proportions that we ever understand one another Gender also expresses the universal inequality between women and men. When we speak about gender we also speak about hierarchy, power, and inequality, not simply difference. What is it that virtually every single society differentiates people on the basis of gender? Why is it that virtually every known society is also based on male dominance? Virtually every society know to us is founded upon assumptions of gender difference and the politics of gender inequality. “Nature vs. Nurture” o Are men and women different because they are “hardwired” to be different, or are they different because they’ve been taught to be? Women and men are biologically different Sex is male and female; gender is masculinity and femininity Gender means different things to different people, that it varies cross-culturally. If the meanings of gender vary from culture to culture and vary within any one culture over historical sciences and history. Men and women are different because we are taught to e different; gradually we acquire the traits, behaviors, and attitudes that our culture defines as masculine or feminine. Domination is not a trait carried on the Y chromosome. Masculinity and femininity change over the course of a person’s life. Gender domination is the inevitable outcome of gender difference, that difference cause domination. By eliminating gender inequality, we will remove the foundation upon which hthe entire
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Introduction - The Gendered Society Kimmel Introduction...

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