Social Constructionism and Essentialism

Social Constructionism and Essentialism - defines what...

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Social Constructionism and Essentialism Element of S.C. o Many truths o Changes over time, place, culture, etc. (A-historical) o Concerned with meanings- WHY ? (What does it mean to be a man in our society) o Institutions give it truth o Multiple interpretations socially agreed upon Elements of E o 1 truth (arrogant) o Static -never changes (ex. a man is a man, period). o It is what it is o This is truth is divinely given ( How do you know? I JUST KNOW) o Absolute and universal truth RIGHT and WRONG Sex: (Biology) Male (Penis)-------------Female (Vagina) Intersex Socialization: masculinity femininity Gender: (Social) Man Woman Sexual orientation: hetero/homo hetero/homo We think sex=gender For example, the religious institution
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Unformatted text preview: defines what marriage is (1 man, 1 woman). Regilion is a very strong perpetrator when dealing with the meaning of things. Schools-have to dress gender appropriately, gender segregated sports team, restrooms. Reinforces the idea that we are different that is really arbitrary. Media-women are more displayed bc of their body. Normative-reinforces what is the societal norm. Sports-gymnastics and figure skating is for women and basketball and football for men. If you are a man, then you will be better than woman. Why are we valuing one more than the more These categories dont really exist, we invented them to exist....
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