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Was mistaken for a boy at 6. Had an older beautiful sister Decided to live her life as a man for one week Wasn’t worried about what others thought about her, she feared that this transformation thing might be too easy for her to pull off. Afraid that she’ll learn that she’s already a man Her teacher was a drag queen named diane She became luke gilbert Being a man is about not budging Accomoodating “him” (ex. Of drinking for a bottle of water) Women do the “begging for approval” voice Her eyes are too flirtatious too encouraging appreciative attentive too available. Men typically don’t Wanted to be the stereotypical masculine code She had to shut down her personality Left with two options for expression, boredom and aggression All feminine availability emanates from our eyes; men feel dead eye, hard mask She was nervous that everyone knew she was a fake man Black dude recognizes “her” as a guy She feels like “liz” can disarm any man’s aggression
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