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Reading Response 01-26 - oppression for women Our culture...

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Desmond Baker Reading Response: After reading What It Means to be Gendered me , I realize that our culture discriminates people regarding gender. Because we live in a “two-and-only-two” gender society, society makes people who don’t fit in the two genders live in an uncomfortable environment. Anything outside our two-and-only-two gender hierarchy goes below the normal curve. I feel like we are a controlling society and if our ‘normal’ standards puts someone out of the curve, then those people mean nothing to society. We are foreign to the word “different.” Our cultural frowns upon people who don’t fit into our socially constructed gender category. This does not live up to what our country was founded upon, meaning, every one created equally. Male dominance has been a part of American history since the start of the “new world.” Men are more acceptable then women and are seen as the superior gender. This systems causes
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Unformatted text preview: oppression for women. Our culture set it up to where women were never really meant to obtain power, according to our patriarchal system. But yet, we go along with the majority and do not ask questions. The government creates the rules for its people, but exclude the people they do not feel need to have an opinion, thus, forcing them to be placed in our two-and-only-two category. We don’t have the right to make someone feel socially belittled because of their appearance or if their opinions go against the norm. I want to bring awareness to closed-minded people living in our society. Maybe if the rolls were switched, we could all collectively work towards building a better, socially constructed gender hierarchy. Discrimination goes against what our culture was supposedly founded upon....
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