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Sex Bodies - • Frequency o Occur in 1.7 of all...

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Sex Bodies Assigning Sex Anatomical sex o Genital composition-female---vagina -male---penis o Gonadal composition-female---ovary o Male---testes Genetic sex o Chromosomal composition---female---xx Male—xy o Hormonal composition-female---estrogen o Male---testosterone Intersex -a group of medical conditions that involve congenital anamolies of the reproduction and sexual system People born with atypical internal/external reproductive anatomies OR chromosomal/hormonal anomalies. These people don’t have both functioning genitals
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Unformatted text preview: • Frequency o Occur in 1.7 of all births----2,000 intersexed births o 5 babies born a day are intersexed • Medical intervention o Historically-treated with surgery; based sex assignment on looking typical and what/if they’ll have sexual intercourse as adults. o Surgeries that happen are due to social stress put on medical communities o When we see bodies, that are ambiguous we want to gender the bodies male/female...
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