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Unformatted text preview: Benign narratives are benign because it is seen as harmless; not reason for its existence, but reason why we just study inequality. The concern of this new found problem with poverty and inequality is because of the following: 1.) Take off account- 2.) Persistence account-inequality is there and has always been there and will never leave us 3.) The macro level-outside forces influence, such as institutions a. We started to experience shifts in the economy, inequality with terriosm, and social class discrimination, such as the middle class being extinct by falling to the level of the poor class and the filthy rich stay in the high class. 4.) Micro level-as an individual outlook, poverty had an effect on health care, political participation (example: not being to get to the voting polls because of lack of transportation). 5.) Visibility account-because of technology, inequality will also be in our faces ....
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