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Problem 2-2 1. Solve the following differential equations. The solutions should be put into as simple a form as possible and checked by substitution into the differential equations. It is not necessary(and it is not forbidden) to find the interval for which the solution is defined or to prove that the general solution has been obtained. a. 2 0 xdx ydy  b.     22 11 0 xy d x yx d y  c. 2 4 1 du uv dv v d. sin 2 cos 0 xdx ydy e.   10 xdx x dy f. 2 2 3 ds t ts dt s t s 2. Solve: DE:  12 0 d x y d y IC:   01 y Determine the x interval for which the solution is defined. 3. Solve: xdy ydx ydy 4. Does the equation 2 3 make sense? Explain. 5. Explain why the first-order equation ,( , ) 0 Mxyd x Nxyd y cannot be solved by separation of variables. Give an example of such an equation.
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