Lecture 1a - Lecture 1 A Children with speech and language...

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Lecture 1. A) Children with speech and language differences - Introduction Introduction: - Twice as much language growth occurs between the 1 st and 3 rd years of life than between the 3 rd and 4 th - Communicative competence: developed with speech and language; knowing how to interact and communicate in various situations and how to interpret what others say and do Fig. 1. Different varieties of communication SPEECH AND LANGUAGE Overview: - Communication: process of exchanging information and ideas between participants - Language: a system of symbols organized into conventional patterns to communicate meaning; language development is structural and hierarchical - Speech: mechanical production of language - Voice: vocalization or sound; not always produced as speech - Three points characterizing speech and language development: o There are distinct stages o A lot of creativity involved in learning to formulate sentences o All children acquiring language do so in the same order Language: - Syntax: the rules that govern the grammar of language; formalizes language so that communication is consistent throughout a society o How words are combined to form sentences - Grammar: refers to the rules and the word choices - Semantics: concerned with the meaning of words; words are comprehended before they are spoken and the number of words understood increases throughout ones life - Morphology: the system of word building in language; word meaning can be changed by adding suffixes or prefixes o Morphemes: words that build on other words; can be bound morphemes, such as
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Lecture 1a - Lecture 1 A Children with speech and language...

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