Lecture 2d - Lecture 2. D) Children with Pervasive...

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Lecture 2. D) Children with Pervasive Developmental Disorders – Childhood Psychosis Childhood Disintegrative Disorder - Apparently normal development for at least the first 2 years after birth. - Clinically significant loss of previously acquired skills (before age 10 years) in at least two of the following areas: o Expressive or receptive language o Social skills or adaptive behavior o Bowel or bladder control o Play o Motor skills - Abnormalities of functioning: o Qualitative impairment in social interaction o Qualitative impairments in communication o Restricted, repetitive, and stereotyped patterns of behavior, interests, and activities, including motor stereotypes and mannerisms Rett’s Disorder - All of the following: o Apparently normal prenatal and perinatal development o Apparently normal psychomotor development through the first 5 months after birth o Normal head circumference at birth - After the period of normal development: o Deceleration of head growth between ages 5 and 48 months o Loss of previously acquired purposeful hand skills and the subsequent development of stereotyped hand movements o Loss of social engagement early in the course (although often social interaction develops
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Lecture 2d - Lecture 2. D) Children with Pervasive...

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