Lecture 3c - Lecture 3. C) Children with hearing...

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Unformatted text preview: Lecture 3. C) Children with hearing impairments Developmental consequences, assessment and intervention Developmental consequences Cognitive development- The hearing impairing generally have intelligence on par with the rest of the population- The students who are deaf but have acquired some language consistently outperform those with less language ability Communication- Vocabulary develops more slowly; gap widens with age- Sentence structure; comprehend and produce shorter, simpler sentences- Speech is difficult to understand- Speech and language are the areas of development most severely affected- Children with mild hearing loss may have minimal effects on speech and language- Otitis media has significant social and educational implications o Chronic mild fluctuations in hearing loss, therefore, children receive variable input and no consistent model of language- Children with minimal hearing loss have higher levels of language delay- Strong correlation between early incidence of hearing loss and later problem in academic learning- For children who are deaf, the impact on communication is far more devastating o Major difficulties in learning languages, articulation, voice quality and tone discrimination o Every element of langue is affected: semantics, syntax, morphology, pragmatics and phonology Academic achievement- Closely aligned with acquisition of language- Academic performance of deaf students compares poorly to their potential- Lag educationally from 3 to 5 years- Less behind in arithmetic and spelling Social and emotional development- Barriers to normal social interaction due to difficulties in communication- Severe and profound hearing loss and more likely to result in isolation...
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Lecture 3c - Lecture 3. C) Children with hearing...

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