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Lecture 6. A) Children with severe and multiple disabilities Introduction Definitions - Multiply Disabilities – evidence of independent and interdependent deficits in two or more areas of functioning - Multi-sensory Impaired – children with sight and hearing handicaps - Deaf-Blind/Dual Sensory Impairment – hearing and visual impairments at a level that the child cannot be accommodated in either a program specifically for either the deaf or blind - NICHCY: “People with severe disabilities are those who traditionally have been labelled as having severe to profound mental retardation. These people require ongoing, extensive support in more than one major life activity in order to participate in integrated community settings and enjoy the quality of life available to people with fewer or no disabilities. They frequently have additional disabilities, including movement difficulties, sensory losses, and behavior problems.” - Classification - Most common way to classify is in PRIMARY and SECONDARY terms
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Unformatted text preview: o Primary Disability – the major condition that causes a child to differ in learning and/or behaviour o Secondary Disabilities – other conditions that are present-This view may overlook the cumulative nature of the conditions-Individuals are considered to be deaf-blind if they have a substantial loss of both sight and hearing such that neither is a reliable access to information. The combination of these sensory losses results in significant difficulties in acquiring educational, vocational, avocational and social skills. Prevalence-Low incidence Etiology-Syndromes Causing Deaf-Blindness: o Congenital Causes: Congenital Rubella Syndrome (CRS) CHARGE o Acquired Causes: Accident, Illness, Aging o Genetic Conditions: Usher’s Syndrome: a condition of familial nerve deafness associated with pigment degeneration of the retina; most common etiology of deaf-blindness; child is born deaf and gradually loses sight due to retinitis pigmentosa Down’s Syndrome...
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