Psychology Chapter 3

Psychology Chapter 3 - Psychology Chapter 3 Phineus Gage -...

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Psychology Chapter 3 Phineus Gage - 1848, railroad crew member miraculously survived a metre long spike through his brain - Gage survived but was psychologically changed This shows that biological and psychological processes are so intimately related Neurons - Basic building blocks of the nervous system - Linked together in circuits - Has three parts: 1. Cell body (soma) – contains biochemical structures needed to keep the neuron alive 2. Dendrites – receiving units which collect messages from neighbouring neurons and send them to the cell body 3. Axon – conducts electrical impulses away from the cell body to other neurons, muscle or glands; branches out into axon terminals at the end of the cell - Vary greatly in size and shape - Supported in their functions by glial cells Surround neurons and hold them into place Manufacture nutrient chemicals that neurons need Form myelin sheath around some axons Absorb toxins and waste materials that might damage the neurons During prenatal brain development, send out long fibres which guide newly divided neurons to their targeted place in the brain - Blood-brain barrier (made up by glial cells) Prevents many substances from entering the brain - The walls of the blood vessels within the brain contain smaller gaps than elsewhere in the body (they are covered by specialized glial cells) Research frontiers: Gliotransmission Nerve Conduction: An Electrochemical Process - Neurons do two important things: Generate electricity Release chemicals - Like a battery, a neurons source of energy comes from their own chemical
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Psychology Chapter 3 - Psychology Chapter 3 Phineus Gage -...

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