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PHYSICS DAY 1 - o Normal force = perpendicular force...

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PHYSICS DAY 1, Lecture 1: Animal Locomotion, Definition of Force (Chapter 3) BIOMECHANICS: Forces and Newton’s Laws What is a force? o Forces represent the interaction of distinguishable objects Contact free force = ex. Gravity How can something exert a force? 4 fundamental forces substituting G*, mass and Earth’s Radius 9.8 m/s^2 = number used to convert mass to weight? Passive contact forces
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Unformatted text preview: o Normal force = perpendicular force Tension force o Textbook Ch. 3-6 o Surface tension Ch. 11, p.350 o The force the string exerts on the object to prevent it from falling down o Ex. Strings in your body are tendons External forces o Includes intentional forces o Ex. Sarcomere unit in human muscles (muscles contract to exert force and bend arm) Sliding filament mechanism...
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