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alibaba - With the development of Chinese economy...

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Name: Zhu xinxin ID: 866267 Summary This case is talking about Alibaba. Alibaba group is a Chinese investment holding company together with its subsidiaries. It also provides other internet based services. In this case, it related to how Alibaba become the China’s biggest e-commerce market share company and what is the business model. And the revenue of Alibaba.com had a significant ascend for each year from 2002-2007. It also talked about the strength, strategy, competition and constraints of Alibaba.com. 1. What are the implications of the company's new ownership structure and shareholder expectations? For now, 75% of the stock is owned by Alibaba.com Corporation, 8% is owned by employees and consultants of the company, 17% is owned by other public shareholders. The shareholders expect that Alibaba takes in the lead of the competitive market environment and get more returns. 2. How important is a rapidly expanding domestic market in Alibaba.com's strategic assessment?
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Unformatted text preview: With the development of Chinese economy, increasingly people are able to go to internet and do the online shopping. Alibaba realized that there are lots of potential customers in e-commerce market. Alibaba has its strength and strategy; they focus on the SMEs which are important groups for Alibaba. 3. What are the merits of proposed changes to Alibaba.com's pricing strategy? After providing free service for many years, Alibaba decided to convert more users into paying members, and generate more revenue from existing paying members through sales of value-added services. 4. How can the company position itself competitively against B2B giant Global Sources? Despite Alibaba is leading the B2B market in China, but it also suffers the competition from domestic and international competitors. They should expand into international market by acquiring some companies which have good loyalty; Alibaba could get some worthy information and knowledge from them....
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