Last Humanities Test Review

Last Humanities Test Review - Last Humanities Test Review...

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Last Humanities Test Review: Contemporary World By Marvin Rivera (Ft. Lorena’s Review and Shawn’s Review) Disclaimer : Blah, blah, blah…Only those that I deem worthy may use this review for studying purposes (or any other purposes you may have)…If you do have a copy of this review due to illegitimate means, notify me…I wont get angry…I just need to know how many reviews are in circulation…see how popular my review is…I’ll be nicer than Daniel Huang…sorta…I am not responsible for grades you get or incorrect information I may put on this review…don’t blame me cuz u failed…blame yourself…I cannot guarantee your success or satisfaction…If there is incorrect info, notify me so that I may correct it…This is my last Humanities Review and its far from complete…QQ…oh well, I hope what little information is on here will help you… KNOW ALL READINGS AND LECTURES COVERING THE FOLLOWING TOPICS: Existentialism The visual arts post-WWII Architecture The Cold War Communist China Conflicts in Southeast Asia Conflicts in the Middle East BE ABLE TO RECOGNIZE THE ART OF THE FOLLOWING ARTISTS: Pollock – acknowledged leader of abstract expressionists; action painting; random drips and splatters; overall painting (doesn’t seem to have an end or beginning; seems to extend off the canvas) Jasper Johns – new appreciations of objects; focused on objects taken from the mundane world; signals a whimsical and ironic rejection of abstract art (highly emotive, content-free, intellectualized) Rauschenberg – helped counterforce abstract Expressionism; combine paintings Warhol – pop art; depicts society’s values Lichtenstein – pop art, comic book style; vibrant and obvious ( so you better get this right on the test) Calder - mobiles BE ABLE TO IDENTIFY THE FOLLOWING BUILDINGS BY NAME AND ARCHITECT: Sydney Opera House - Utzon Guggenheim Museum - Wright Seagram Building – van der Rohe and Johnson L‘Unite d’Habitation - Corbusier Trans World Flight Center - Saarinen Toward a Global Culture Events that happened more than four decades ago may be too close to tell if they have permanently changed humanity Atomic Age – decades following WWII; atomic weapons loomed like a shadow over all international tensions Modern warfare was so far beyond the power of the postwar human intellect to image artists turned to satire as a way of expressing their fear and hatred of it At end of WWII, US emerged as both the leading economic power and leader of the free world against communism Economic supremacy means that a nation must be bound to many nations in a delicate economic and social network of political relationships Material satisfactions of Western life, but hunger for individual and social meaning exists Civilization and Its Discontents ; Freud points out that the price of advanced culture is that the individual is repressed; the
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Last Humanities Test Review - Last Humanities Test Review...

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