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quiz12010 - s hinged a horizontal hold the ga placed on h...

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Quiz 1 1. 2. (10 marks) A and weigh needs to b closed? (5 marks) A circular o of 80 cm. what heig A triangu hs 1500 N be applied A 200 kg w opening (A . Assume ght h will Depa CH ular gate is N. What h d at B to h weight is AB) which e the water the weigh rtment o Mc HEE 31
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Unformatted text preview: s hinged a horizontal hold the ga placed on h has a dia r is at 20° ht be dislo of Chem cGill Un 14 Flui at point A l force P ate n a ameter °C. At odged? mical En iversity id Dyn ngineeri amics ing s F all 2010...
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