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Stat 135, Fall 2006 A. Adhikari HOMEWORK 8 (due Friday 11/3) There’s nothing strange about doing the Ch 13 problems first. You’ll see after you’ve done them. 1. 13.7. It’s easy enough to get R to do the test, so that’s not the point. The point is: where’s the randomization? In order to justify running a statistical test on these data, you have to believe in a particular set of assumptions about what is random and in what way it is random. What are those assumptions, and do you believe them? In general, watch out. People run statistical tests on all kinds of data. It is important to understand, very clearly, exactly what is being tested, under what assumptions the test is valid, and in what way those assumptions reflect reality. 2. 13.8. 3. 11.24. 4. 11.26. 5. 11.29. This is a good method, frequently used now that computers can draw samples so easily. 6. 11.40a. Yes, just part (a). You can do dotplots if you like, or find some other way of displaying the data so that it is easy to compare the two sets of values. 7.
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