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Stat 135, Fall 2006 A. Adhikari HOMEWORK 7 (due Friday 10/27) 1. Read the page help(chisq.test) all the way down. There will be stuff you don’t understand, but most of it should make sense. 2. 9.34. 3. 9.38. 4. (From Freedman, Pisani, and Purves) In the Current Population Survey of March 2005, men were classified by employment status and marital status. Here are the data; you may assume they come from a simple random sample of U.S. men. “Once married” means, “widowed, divorced, or separated.” married once married never married employed 790 98 209 unemployed 56 11 27 not in labor force 21 7 13 a) Were marital status and employment status independent for U.S. men in 2005? State appropriate null and alternative hypotheses and use R to perform an appropriate test. Check that the degrees of freedom used by R are what you think they ought to be. (Ignore the warning message for now.) If you conclude that the variables were not independent, suggest some ways in which they appear to be dependent. b)
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