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Stat 135, Fall 2006 A. Adhikari HOMEWORK 4 (due Friday 9/29) 1. 8.19 2. 8.21a-b. 3. 8.23. 4. 8.27. Exercises 5 through 10 are one big project broken into pieces. Do them in order, otherwise things won’t make sense. And for this HW, turn in your R code for each exercise. 5. Read and thoroughly absorb Example C of Section 8.4. (Yes, that’s the exercise. No, there’s nothing to turn in. I’m not kidding. Read Exercise 7 and you’ll see what I mean.) 6. Pick an α uniformly at random in the interval (2 , 4). Pick a λ uniformly at random in the interval (1 , 2). For the duration of this assignment, these are your own personal true values of α and λ in the gamma density. Generate an i.i.d. sample of size 200 from your gamma density, and save the sample so that you can use it for the exercises below . As your answer to this exercise, provide your true values of α and λ , and a histogram of your sample with the true gamma density superimposed. 7.
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