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Intro Discussion - 4 What is your educational short term...

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Deadline: Sunday, 16, 2011, at 11:59 PM (EST). Please introduce yourselves following the guidelines below. Keep in mind to honor online etiquette . When answering the questions, please type (cut and paste) each question (including the number). Expand your response in order for all of us to get a chance to know each other: 1. State your name (Last Name, First Name) Mojocoa, Gabriel 2. Share personal/professional information (if desire). I am running a family business with my dad. We do Embroidery, Screen printing, and Promotional Items. We’ve been in the market for about three years now, and we are trying to find more clients to keep growing. 3. Address the reason your registered in this course. I registered this course because I am studying business administration and it is part of my career.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. What is your educational short term and long term goal(s)? My short term is to finish Valencia this summer and transfer to UCF. And my long term goal like I said in the last question is to graduate as a Business Administrator in UCF 5. State your perceived importance of Macroeconomics in your life and/or peoples' lives. I think macroeconomics is important for anybody that must live a life in a modern society because there are some many important changes in the world about prices, why do they go up, also new items or materials. In other words I think is important to us to be inform about the economy and its decisions. 6. Respond to three (3) other peers' postings (follow ONLINE ETIQUETTE)....
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