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Reaction 1st Article

Reaction 1st Article - way we won’t need to depend about...

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Gabriel Mojocoa Article #1 Global economic uncertainty leaves oil outlook in limbo Published: January 23 2011 18:34 www.ft.com Reaction Crude Oil it’s very important in today’s world because a lot of different reason like plastic containers, also gasoline for cars, airplanes etc. Oil is the main weapon in today’s economy. If the barrels go up, the prices of everything around us increase. And in the last two years there have been a lot of problems because of the oil prices, everyone is trying to take advantage for their own interest. I think to stop this crisis we should find other solutions that
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Unformatted text preview: way we won’t need to depend about the prices of the barrels and the world’s economy could focus other things. One of the solutions in transportation could be the same method that is use in Brazil. Methanol is a derivative of sugar cane and some vegetables, not only helps the environment because it gives zero pollution, but it also work as gasoline for motorcycles and cars. On the other hand Japan is producing alternative plastic containers packaging that does not require oil, with the shell of the shrimp. The government should try to work different ideas to resolve this problem....
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