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Final Exam - The _ within P&G's management has led the...

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The ____ within P&G's management has led the company to realize that Hispanic consumers "are more likely to support a company or brand that is active in their community." P&G has embraced this notion of community involvement with its "Avanzando Co Tu Familia" (Getting Ahead with Your Family) campaign. Answer acculturation diversity affirmative action cultural organization organizational plurality Jean-Marie has excellent keyboarding skills and enters data for a marketing research firm. Jean-Marie is also vision-impaired. In order to perform his job, Jean-Marie needs a computer monitor that produces oversized print so he can read it. Providing the monitor to facilitate Jean-Marie's job performance is an example of ____. Answer assistive technology job enrichment management reciprocity task reengineering disparity balances Which of the following paradigms for managing diversity not only takes into account surface-level diversity but also focuses on integrating deep-level diversity differences such as personality, attitudes, beliefs, and values into the actual work of the organization? Answer the discrimination and fairness paradigm the access and legitimacy paradigm the learning and effectiveness paradigm the cultural stereotype paradigm the personal integration paradigm Which of the following statements about diversity is accurate? Answer Organizations that pursue diversity goals do so voluntarily. Diversity exists as a result of intentional steps taken by organizations. Diversity efforts focus on the demographics of a company's workforce, such as sex and race. One of the purposes of diversity is to compensate for past discrimination. When Suzanne Pogell wanted to learn to sail, she could find no one to teach her because men were the ones who sailed, and women were their crew. She finally did convince someone to teach her to sail, and after mastering sailing, she started an all-woman sailing school called Womanship as a sole proprietorship. The male sailors who would not teach her were exhibiting ____. Answer
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organizational plurality behavioral diversity surface-level diversity deep-level diversity ego-driven heterogeneity The purposeful steps taken by an organization to create employment opportunities for minorities and women is called ____. Answer discretionary diversity affirmative action organizational plurality cultural proaction acculturation For which of the following positions would the hiring organization be most likely to require someone who has high degree of emotional stability? Answer car mechanic landscape designer 911 operator electrician meteorologist Unilever has operations in 150 countries. Recently, Unilever took 100 of these top managers on a jungle retreat to Costa Rica. To the dismay of Unilever’s chair, there were no women in the group. Upon investigation, he learned that only one woman had even been invited. As the retreat progressed,
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Final Exam - The _ within P&G's management has led the...

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