Week Four Chapters 7 & 8 Discussion

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Consider what you read in Chapter 7 about Innovation and Change and also what you read in Chapter  8 about Global Management.  Agree or disagree with these two statements. 1) Given a choice, Americans will buy American-made  goods rather than foreign-made goods. 2) Following an employment recession like the current one,  American workers will accept globally competitive lower wages so American made goods can be less  expensive. Explain your position using examples and information from the text. 1) I agree because I try to always purchase items that are made in the USA. Having purchased items from outside the USA that are substandard in multiple areas I have found
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Unformatted text preview: items designed and manufactured in the USA are superior in quality and design. The economic activity supported by purchasing goods made in the USA is of the utmost importance too. Supporting the economy within the USA is in the best interest of all individuals in this country. 2) I do not agree. The cost of living varies in different places. Even in the United States some cities are more expensive than other ones. People are having a lot of trouble just fining jobs to pay the bills and I don’t think they will support cutting wages so American made goods can be less expensive...
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