Week Three Chapter Five Discussion

Week Three Chapter Five Discussion - problem. How big is...

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What processes do you go through to make a decision? What do you personally think is the biggest  obstacle to making good decisions? Use examples based on information from the chapter. I think that making decisions could be a very tough thing to do depending on how big the problem is or  if it is going to affect someone.  To try to make good decisions I always make a step by step process to  do what is best for me.  The first and I and think the most important step is to be calm, no matter how  huge the problems is we can’t make decisions being stress.  The second step is identifying the 
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Unformatted text preview: problem. How big is the problem, where is it come from? The third step is finding the solutions; see how many choices I have. And the last step is executing the solution that is best for me without hurting other people. I think you are completely right. Maintain whatever your doing to achieve any goals is the hardest thing to do because we find many obstacle in the road that can depress us and make us change our mind....
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