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Would you be willing to pay more for products made by socially responsible companies? How much more? What should be the penalty for “Greenwash” (when a company falsely says products are “green” to increase sales?) I think there should be a huge penalty for Greenwash because there are people and companies trying to go green because of the environment. Global warming is something that people should take seriously because it can affect all of us. It is completely unethical for companies to do greenwash and lie to people about their products. Sergio   Vasquez I wouldn’t necessarily be willing to pay more for “green” products I feel that if they are green and  natural they shouldn’t be more expensive. Just because demand for a product increases doesn’t mean  that a company should be able to increase their price for it without any reasoning behind it. Companies 
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Unformatted text preview: spend less if not the same amount of money producing green products as they do any regular product only difference is that they dont have to spend money on enhancement products as well as less processing costs. The only reason for the higher price on the product being the fact that the company wants to make as much profit as possible while keeping their manufacturing costs as low as possible. In my opinion I think that companies that advertise their product as being green when its not should face legal action against them and seizure of any revenue they may see from this false advertising. I agree because I believe there are some companies that only care about making as much profit they can and dont really care the real purpose about going green....
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