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Week Two Chapter Three Discussion - Josetta Council I would...

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Read section 2.3 and review the chart on page 46. A large percentage of married working mothers are working and this has to affect the organizational environment and culture. Other than the items suggested in the text, what changes would you like to see organizations create to benefit working parents (not just mothers)? I think unfortunately with our jobs people don’t have much time to spend with their children especially  when they are growing up. At that age is very important for the education of the kids to be with their  parents to teach them the good and bad things in life.  I would like to see more daycares beside the  workplace of the parents. That way the parents can be with the kids in lunch hours or go to visit them  during the day.  I think that will help both parents and kids in their education.
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Unformatted text preview: Josetta Council I would love to see more Workplace Childcare Centers. Yes, imagine you and mommy or daddy going to work together. I know some companies offer it, but not enough companies do. This would ease a lot of the parents anxieties, cut down on travel time and traffic. Oh, and lets not forget, save on gas. It would also help those parents that are leery about leaving the baby too soon to return to work or for those that may think that the baby is too young to be away from mommy or daddy. It would be great that the government would put more of those childcare centers. It would help a lot of people and the parents would love it because they will be spending more time with their children....
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