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Week Two Chapter Two Discussion - going to have to give up...

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Consider chapter’s discussion of Frederick W. Taylor and the Gilbreths. Now agree or disagree with this statement: “Efficiency is exploitation,” and explain your position based on something you read in the chapter or using outside research. I disagree with the statement, “Efficiency is exploitation”. First of all Efficiency refers to the use of resources so as to maximize the production of goods and services. On the other hand Exploitation means the act of using something in an unjust or cruel manner. Efficiency is getting work done as quickly as possible while Exploitation is unethical because is take advantage of someone or something and exploit them. Kyle   Matulay I would have to disagree on this statement, "Efficiency is exploitation". Efficiency is defined as getting  work done with a minimum of effort, expense or waste. In order to be Efficient at somethig you are 
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Unformatted text preview: going to have to give up something in return. Weither it be time or money if you want to get something done in an efficient manner there are going to be obstacles that you are going to have to climb. For the word exploitation, it means use of utilization. So no I do not think that efficiency is exploitation. When you exploit someone you take advantage them and is usually unethical. Efficiency is getting work done with minimum effort. As long as you do not exploit them you work will get done with efficiency. I agree because there are some people for example a boss, that like to take advantage of his workers by making them work more hours or make them do a job their not suppose to do just because they run the place. They only care about their own interest....
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