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Hispanic American Diversity

Hispanic American Diversity - Running head HISPANIC...

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Running head: HISPANIC AMERICAN DIVERSITY 1 Hispanic American Diversity Dolores G. Quintanilla ETH 125 May 7, 2011 University Of Phoenix
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HISPANIC AMERICAN DIVERSITY 2 Hispanic American Diversity Hispanics are a mix of European, African, and Native American people. One in seven people in the United States is of Hispanic origin, and 70% of the Hispanic population lives in five states: California, Texas, New York, Florida, and Illinois. Not all Hispanics speak Spanish all the time and some do not speak the language, however, most share the heritage of the Spanish language. Hispanics are one of the most under-represented in American politics. Hispanics created numerous social and political organizations to address the needs of their communities during the 19 th and 20 th centuries. By 1990, 3,700 Hispanics held local political offices, and more than 6.6 million Hispanics voted in last year’s elections. Through the Hispanic Catholic culture, runs a deep spiritual vein, shaping, and guiding their way of living, and political views. Catholic religion is a way of bringing faith to Hispanic family life, which strengthens their values of love and the value of people over things. Culture events are time for family; family is the center of their existence and embraced. The elders and children are a cherished blessing not a burden and irreplaceable to the family. Cubans are the fourth largest Hispanic group in the United States and considered Hispanics of European ancestry. Cuban Americans in the United States are citizens whom trace his or her national origin to Cuba. The majority of Cubans lives in Florida, but also resides in all 50 states. Cubans speak English and Spanish, however, the official language spoken throughout the Island is Spanish. The United States citizens of Cuban descent tend to be politically
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