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project group - Econ2216(2012 Carbon Social Cost Benefit...

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Econ2216 (2012): Carbon Social Cost Benefit Project Groups - If you are listed in a group other than the one you have been meeting with OR if you are not in a group or are in a group of 6 and have not met with the group yet and wish to be moved into group 7 which only has 4, or are one of the unmatched students at the bottom of the chart, or if you see an error in the chart, please email me. Thanks! Group # (consulting company name) Group Members Topic 1 Veronica Quinza Alec Cumming Nicolas Klepacki Brendan McCaffery Mallory McKenzie 2 Tim Godfrey Shanwen Li Ariane Curtis Seungwon Shin Xuefei Yang (Bob) Ebooks vs Paperbacks - a key point here is that there is always a variable energy cost for the Ebook while for reading the paper book, all energy costs are fixed . Books also sequester carbon dioxide but unsustainable logging harms carbon sinks. 3 Green Earth Consulting Yu Liu Sinclair Dim Jie Ma Heli Yu Zhencheng Nie Hybrids - if you compare these to conventional cars or buses, be sure to look at the entire life cycle as the hybrids have many parts and these are shipped all over the place with a truly global assembly line . The hybrid buses use less gasoline and hence have a smaller variable footprint per km traveled. 4 Robyn McColl Liang Ma Huanhuan He Jonathan Veinot Danyang Hu Tap Water vs Bottle Water - this will be an easy way to reduce both GHGs and other externalities (like oil spills). Sadly, many people buy bottled water thinking it is better when government reports that the tap water is cleaner and doesn’t come with the big pollution price tag. I think it is important that immigrants know that
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project group - Econ2216(2012 Carbon Social Cost Benefit...

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