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Associate Level Material Appendix B 7 Question Final Project Plan What religion would you like to consider for your final project? Describe the place of worship you will visit. I would like to consider Christianity for my final project. The place of worship that I may visit is a small church that I went to when I was a kid. What do you already know about this topic? I do not follow religion, So I do not know much about this topic other than church meets of Wednesday and Sunday and that I used to go to bible study as a kid. What resource will you use to find a place of worship for this religion? I plan to go to the church that my mother used to take me and my brother to as a child. What are some sources you could use to gain more knowledge about this religion? I could use internet sources, I could also talk to some worshipers of this church that I know personally. What type of materials do you expect to review for this project? I expect to review what religion means to goers
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Unformatted text preview: of this church, I will also do internet research in regards to this religion so I may come up with the questions for the interview. How will you gain access to the materials you need? I plan to gain access the material I need through the internet and the interview. What difficulties do you anticipate in conducting an interview with someone of this faith? Well the only difficulty I for see having is that I am not a very religious person, more times than not when people learn this, I feel like they try to recruit me into their religion. Otherwise I plan to keep an open mind that way I am able to take in and comprehend all the information I need. I may also have a hard time disputing the things I do not understand. Create a list of 10 questions you would like to ask during the interview. I feel that I should do some more research before I determine the questions I will ask, other than the ones provided to me. HUM 130...
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