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Susan Lewis 1/14/2012 Group Communication Group communication is an influential strategy among two or more people. As a result of group communication a single agreed upon thought, and concepts are created from several minds working together. Group communication is an avenue in which diversity is shared, expressed, and can become commonality. Different factors between groups and individual communication are that group communication provide additional to varying degrees of awareness. Individual knowledge, attitudes, and behavior are informed or reinforced. Individual demands are increased while providing opportunities to further enhance existing as well as developing new expertise, and has an effect on the attitudes, and perception toward the support for a member or group action. Individual and group communication can be promoted through shared strategies that
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Unformatted text preview: include building as well as maintaining respect, and honesty, and actively listening to hear information as well as feelings of others. To hear and understand verbal and nonverbal communications of others will allow trust to be built. In the event of a disagreement, constructive strategies toward conflict resolution require consideration of as many solutions as possible before choosing one, and giving attention to the issues as well as to people’s feelings. Finally, group communication can be fostered through the above mentioned various strategies as well as defining and emphasizing critical guidelines for all to adhere to, define and assign member as well as group expectations. Reinforce the mission of the group communication, and ensure understanding and acceptance of such defined guidelines and expectations....
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