Cold War Origins

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Day Thirteen Cold War Origins Big Questions: How did the Cold War emerge in the postwar period? What were the major factors underlying the origins of the Cold War? How did the Cold War reshape ideas of American freedom? Key Terms: Henry Luce Harry Truman Truman Doctrine NSC-68 Marshall Plan Berlin Blockade North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Mao Zedong Korean War Lecture Outline: I. Postwar Insecurities a. Mood Swing i. Henry Luce’s Prediction
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Unformatted text preview: 1. “The American Century” ii. The Realities of the Postwar World II. President Truman and the Origins of the Cold War a. President Truman i. A Man of the People ii. The Diplomat 1. The Truman Doctrine b. America’s New Role in the World i. Ally 1. The New Internationalism ii. Benefactor 1. The Marshall Plan iii. Protector 1. NSC-68 III. The Cold War Heats Up a. Escalating Tensions in Asia i. China ii. Korea...
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