Eisenhower%27s America

Eisenhower%27s America - a Subsidizing Suburbia i Housing 1...

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Day Fifteen Eisenhower’s America Big Questions: What were the main characteristics of “the affluent society” in 1950s America? How did President Eisenhower’s administration help subsidize these features? At what cost? Key Terms: John Kenneth Galbraith The Affluent Society Federal Housing Administration Home Owners Loan Corporation G.I. Bill (1944) Federal Highway Act (1956) William Levitt Levittown Disneyland Ray Kroc McDonalds Robert Schuller Robert Moses Restrictive Covenants Lecture Outline: I. Signs of an Affluent Society a. One Economist’s Take i. John Kenneth Galbraith II. Creating the Postwar Suburban Landscape
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Unformatted text preview: a. Subsidizing Suburbia i. Housing 1. Federal Housing Administration 2. Home Owners Loan Corporation 3. G.I. Bill (1944) ii. Education 1. G.I. Bill (1944) 2. National Defense Educational Act iii. Transportation 1. Federal Highway Act (1956) b. Building Suburbia i. Levittown 1. William Levitt’s Plan ii. Lakewood III. Enjoying Suburbia a. Constructing Magic Lands i. Knott’s Berry Farm ii. Disneyland IV. Instilling Suburban Values a. Finding God in the Suburbs i. Robert Schuller b. Finding Fast Food in the Suburbs i. Ray Kroc V. Protecting Suburbia a. Parkways and Restrictive Covenants...
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Eisenhower%27s America - a Subsidizing Suburbia i Housing 1...

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