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Day Nine The Great Depression Big Questions: What factors led to the “Crash” and Depression? How did average Americans cope with the hardships of the Depression? Where did average Americans look to for political answers to their problems? Key Terms: Reconstruction Finance Corporation “Bonus Army” Hooverville Dustbowl John Steinbeck Dorothea Lange Federal Project No. 1 Upton Sinclair EPIC (End Poverty in California) Father Charles Coughlin Huey Long Share Our Wealth Lecture Outline: I. Hoover’s Failures a.
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Unformatted text preview: The Crash b. The Limits of Voluntarism c. The Election of 1932 II. Life in the Depression a. The City i. Hoovervilles b. The South and West i. Surviving the Dustbowl III. Generating a Political Response to Economic Crisis a. The Role of The People in Depression-era Politics i. Documenting the Depression ii. Advancing a Sot Alternative 1. Art, Culture, and Politics 2. Upton Sinclair and EPIC iii. Voicing Protest 1. Father Coughlin 2. Huey Long b. Creating a Culture for Reaction and Reform...
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