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Reforming Society

Reforming Society - ii Casting Light on the Urban Problem...

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Day Six Reforming Society Big Questions : What was “progressivism”? Who were the Muckrakers and what was their agenda? How did religion and women shape the progressive movement? How did government foster progressivism and a progressive nation-state? Key Terms : Muckraking Upton Sinclair S.S. McClure Triangle Shirtwaist Fire (1911) Ida Tarbell Frances Willard Women’s Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) Anti-Saloon League Theodore Dreiser Jane Addams Mary McDowell Hull House Eugene Debs Hiram Johnson Theodore Roosevelt “New Nationalism” “New Freedom” John Muir Woodrow Wilson Lecture Outline : I. The Reforming Impulses in Politics and Government a. Unifying themes in Progressivism II. Exposing the Darker Side of City Life a. The Muckrakers i. Concerned Citizens and Savvy Salesmen
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Unformatted text preview: ii. Casting Light on the Urban Problem iii. Challenging Corporate Power III. Religion and Reform a. Spearheads for Reform b. Targets for Reform i. Alcoholics 1. Women’s Christian Temperance Union 2. Anti-Saloon League ii. Prostitutes 1. The “White Slave Traffic” 2. “Slum-Dwellers” a. Settlement Houses IV. Government and Reform a. Radical Progressivism i. Eugene Debs and the Sot Spirit ii. The IWW’s Demand for Rights b. Progressive Democracy i. Hiram Johnson and the Movement for Political Reform 1. Electoral Reform 2. Recall and Referendum 3. Reforming Local Government c. National Initiatives i. Theodore Roosevelt and the “New Nationalism” ii. Woodrow Wilson and the “New Freedom” d. The Election of 1912...
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