Richard Nixon and the Southernization of America

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Day Twenty Richard Nixon and the Southernization of America Big Questions: In what ways was 1968 a climactic year for the Sixties? How do historians explain the turn to the political right that came after 1968? How did the South redefine American politics and culture in the 1970s? Key Terms: Robert Kennedy Black Power Mayor Richard Daley 1968 Democratic Party’s National Convention Yippies (Youth International Party) Richard Nixon George Wallace Miranda v. Arizona (1966) Title IX Roe v. Wade (1973) The Emerging Republican Majority (1969) SALT I (Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty, 1972) National Environmental Policy Act (1970) Merle Haggard Lynyrd Skynyrd
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Unformatted text preview: The Waltons Dallas Dallas Cowboys Hank Aaron Lecture Outline: I. 1968 a. Winter b. Spring c. Summer d. Fall II. The Southernization of American Politics a. 1968 as a Watershed Moment i. The Collapse of the New Deal Coalition b. Two Architects of the Democratic Partys Demise c. The Common Denominator: An Emerging South III. Richard Nixon and the South a. Restoring Law and Order b. Speaking to Matters of Race i. Busing c. Appealing to the Souths New Middle Class i. Talk Tough, Act Moderately 1. Foreign Policy 2. Gender 3. Environmentalism IV. The South and American Popular Culture a. Music b. Religion c. Television d. Sport...
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