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Rise and Fall of the Great Society

Rise and Fall of the Great Society - Day Nineteen The Rise...

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Day Nineteen The Rise and Fall of the Great Society Big Questions: How and why did President Johnson’s Great Society come undone? How did the Vietnam War transform American politics and culture during the late 1960s? How was the Vietnam War “experienced” by the president? The American public? Student protestors? Soldiers? Key Terms: Civil Rights Act (1964) Voting Rights Act (1965) The Other America Great Society Medicaid and Medicare VISTA (Volunteers in Service to America) Ngo Dinh Diem Ho Chi Minh Viet Cong Tonkin Gulf Resolution Tet Offensive Morley Safer Walter Cronkite J. William Fulbright Sheep’s Meadow (1967) The Green Berets Apocalypse Now First Blood
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