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Rise of the Metropolis

Rise of the Metropolis - II Designing City Space a The City...

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Day Five The Rise of the Metropolis Big Questions : Why was the city such a central element in turn-of-the-century America? How was urban life transformed during this time? How and why did leisure become central to urban life in turn-of-the-century America? Key Terms : Frederick Law Olmstead Louis H. Sullivan Greenwich Village Brookline, MA Ragtime Scott Joplin Coney Island Vaudeville John Philip Sousa Walter Camp Albert Spalding Lecture Outline : I. The Imagined City a. Grand Experiment
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Unformatted text preview: II. Designing City Space a. The City in Motion i. Transportation b. The City and the Environment i. Boulevards and Parks ii. Architecture III. Occupying City Space: Three Communities a. The Ghetto b. The Village c. The Suburb IV. The Lighter Side of City Life a. Leisure in the Village i. Ragtime ii. Amusement Parks b. Leisure in the Suburb i. Big Bands ii. Middle-Class Sport 1. Golf 2. Football c. Leisure in the Ghetto i. Vaudeville ii. Baseball...
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