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Roaring Twenties

Roaring Twenties - • H.L Mencken Lecture Outline I 1919...

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Day Eight The Roaring Twenties Big Questions: Why was 1919 such a watershed year in American history? What were the main features of the new society of the 1920s? How did corporatism come to dominate American economy and culture in the 1920s? What new avenues of power did 1920s open up for women and African Americans? What new avenues of conflict did the 1920s open up for American citizens? Key Terms: Red Scare Black Sox Scandal Warren Harding Calvin Coolidge Herbert Hoover The “Associative State” Alfred P. Sloan Charlie Chaplin Mary Pickford Babe Ruth Knute Rockne National Women’s Party Alice Paul Carrie Chapman Catt Nineteenth Amendment The Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) Harlem Renaissance Marcus Garvey Ku Klux Klan Billy Sunday Scopes Trial Clarence Darrow William Jennings Bryan
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Unformatted text preview: • H.L. Mencken Lecture Outline: I. 1919: Setting the Tone for the 1920s a. The Red Scare b. The Black Sox Scandal c. The Retreat from Reform II. Advertising the American Dream a. Celebrating Health and Wealth b. The Republican Era i. “Return to Normalcy” ii. “The Associative State” c. The Roots of Postwar Prosperity d. The Cost of Postwar Prosperity e. Postwar Prosperity and its Potential i. The New Mass Culture III. New Opportunities, New Communities in the Postwar Period a. The “New Woman” i. Political Advances ii. Cultural Innovations b. The “New Negro” i. Cultural Innovations ii. Political Advances IV. Resisting Tides Toward Modernity a. Culture Wars i. The Politics of Gender ii. The Politics of Race iii. The Politics of Religion b. Dark Horizons...
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