Ronald Reagan%27s Revolution

Ronald Reagan%27s Revolution - i. Reaganomics and Freedom...

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Day Twenty Two The Reagan Revolution Big Questions: How did Reagan fashion his own political “revolution”? How and why did the politics of religion and community become so vital to Reagan’s success? What was the significance of the Reagan presidency? Key Terms: Ronald Reagan Milton Friedman Russell Kirk Paul Wolfowitz Jerry Falwell Pat Robertson Moral Majority “Reaganomics” “Yuppie” AIDS Mikhail Gorbachev Sandra Day O’Connor Red Dawn Iran-Contra Affair Tiananmen Square The Berlin Wall Lecture Outline: I. Reagan’s Revolution a. The Great Communicator b. Reagan’s Coalition c. Reagan’s Economic Contract
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Unformatted text preview: i. Reaganomics and Freedom 1. The Results of Reagans Economic Contract ii. A Society in Crisis Mode 1. Social and Cultural Byproducts of Reagans Contract d. Reagans Social Contract i. The Christian Right ii. Cultural Politics iii. The Results of Reagans Social Contract II. Reagans Cold War a. Solving the Vietnam Syndrome i. Heightened Tensions between the Super Powers b. Reagans Cold War Culture i. Heightened Tensions with the Soviets ii. Culture of Anger and Fear at Home III. A New World Order a. The Election of 1988 b. The Fall of Communism...
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