War at Home and - • Fourteen Points • Versailles Treaty • League of Nations • “Sixteen Irreconcilables” Lecture Outline I Progressivism

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Day Seven War at Home and Abroad Big Questions: How did the Progressive presidents foster the rise of the nation state? In what ways did the Progressive presidents project American power abroad? How did the United States mobilize resources and opinion for the war effort? What was the war experience like for American soldiers on the front? How did American entry into World War I impact military and political developments on a global scale? Key Terms: “New Nationalism” “New Freedom” Woodrow Wilson “Roosevelt Corollary” “Progressive Diplomacy” War Industries Board U.S. Public Health Service Women’s Peace Party Randolph Bourne Committee on Public Information (CPI) George Creel National Defense Act (1916) General John J. Pershing American Expeditionary Force (AEF) Arthur Guy Empey
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Unformatted text preview: • Fourteen Points • Versailles Treaty • League of Nations • “Sixteen Irreconcilables” Lecture Outline: I. Progressivism and the New International Order a. Roosevelt Corollary b. Wilson’s Burden II. Preparedness and Peace a. American Neutrality and Preparedness III. American Mobilization a. Organizing the Economy i. The Business of War ii. Labor and the War b. Maintaining Public Health c. Selling the War i. Dissenting Voices ii. The Propaganda Machine d. A Fading Opposition IV. Americans on the Frontline a. “You’re in the Army Now” b. Americans in Battle i. “Over the Top” with Arthur Guy Empey c. Turning the Tide V. An Uneasy Peace a. Wilson in Paris i. Fourteen Points ii. The Versailles Treaty b. Wilson at Home i. The Treaty Fight c. An End to Progressivism...
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