World War II at Home - Lecture Outline: I. On the...

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Day Eleven World War II at Home Big Questions: How were Roosevelt’s presidency and the New Deal itself transformed in the late 1930s by the coming of World War II? How was American society mobilized for war? How did the war affect the freedoms and liberties of women, African Americans, and other minorities? Key Terms: Adolph Hitler Benito Mussolini America First Committee Senator Gerald P. Nye Charles A. Lindbergh Lend-Lease Act (1941) Atlantic Charter (1941) Pearl Harbor War Production Board Office of War Information (OWI) The Four Freedoms Norman Rockwell Fanny Christina Double V Campaign Rosie the Riveter Yuri Kochiyama Executive Order 9066 Jean Vandruff
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Unformatted text preview: Lecture Outline: I. On the Diplomatic Front a. Shadows of War i. Emerging Challenges Abroad 1. Asia 2. Europe ii. America First 1. Isolationsm vs. Intervention b. FDRs Secret Diplomacy i. Lend-Lease Act ii. Atlantic Charter c. Pearl Harbor and the End of Isolation II. On the Home Front a. Building an Arsenal of Democracy i. Arming the Nation 1. Economic Conversion 2. Benefits for All ii. Inspiring the Nation 1. Governments Propaganda 2. FDRs Four Freedoms iii. Mobilizing the People 1. The Possibilities and Challenges of Freedom in California a. Fanny Christinas Story b. Yuri Kochiyamas Story c. Jean Vandruffs Story...
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World War II at Home - Lecture Outline: I. On the...

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