Urban-10 Metro Changes - 4. Urban Renewal: downtown...

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The Changing Metropolis In 1999, a panel of urban experts were asked to identify what they thought were the “Top Ten Influences on the American Metropolis of the Past 50 Years .” 1 They were also asked to indicate what they thought would be the “Ten Most Important Influences on the American Metropolis for the Next 50 Years Suppose you were on that panel. List THREE things (events, social or economic conditions or phenomena, etc.) that you think belong on each list. The Past Fifty Years The Next Fifty Years 1 For details, see www.fanniemaefoundation.org/research/facts and Robert Fishman, “The American Metropolis at Century’s End: Past and Future Influences.” 1(4, Winter 1999): 1, 6-15.
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Top 10 Influences on American Metropolis: Past 50 Years 1. The 1956 Interstate Highway Act and the dominance of the automobile. 2. Federal Housing Administration mortgage financing and subdivision regulation. 3. De-industrialization of the central cities.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Urban Renewal: downtown redevelopment and public housing projects (1949 Housing Act). 5. Levittown (the mass-produced suburban tract house). 6. Racial segregation and job discrimination in cities and suburbs. 7. Enclosed shopping malls. 8. Sunbelt-style sprawl. 9. Air conditioning. 10. Urban riots of the 1960s. Top 10 Most Likely Influences on the American Metropolis: Next 50 Years 1. Growing disparities of wealth. 2. Suburban political majority. 3. Aging of the baby boomers. 4. Perpetual underclass in central cities and inner-ring suburbs. 5. Smart growth: environmental and planning initiatives to limit sprawl. 6. Internet 7. Deterioration of the first-ring post-1945 suburbs. 8. Shrinking household size. 9. Expanded superhighway system of outer beltways to serve new edge cities. 10. Racial integration as part of the increasing diversity in cities and suburbs....
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Urban-10 Metro Changes - 4. Urban Renewal: downtown...

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