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Book of Exodus - commands from God and continuing on...

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Poneh Souresrafil Student number: 996632452 World Religions – RLG 100Y1 Teaching Assistant: Mr. Kevin Hodges October 14, 2011 Book of Exodus Chapters 19-24 It is the story of Moses and the Israelites. It gets us to an idea of who was Moses? Where was he born? The fact that what kind of sign was he given from God is still a question. These chapters are mainly focusing on the relationship between the God and Moses and then the relationship between Moses and the Israelites. The covenant that Moses brought to people was a contract. In the Bible, it refers to an agreement made between God and man. God and Moses made a covenant in which God promised that the Israelites would reach the Promised Land if they obeyed the Ten Commandments. The language is very different, using different words such as “shalt”, “thyself”, “covet” and etc. Sets of rules as “Commandments” describing everyday life and business and interactions between Israelites can been seen. Chapter 19 is more focused on the Moses and the Lord relationship at the Mt. Sinai. There he was given
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Unformatted text preview: commands from God and continuing on Chapter 20, these 10 Commandments were given to people such as rules of stealing, murdering, and worshiping other Gods. Chapter 21 the laws of personal injury, Hebrew servants and etc., were set before Israelites. Chapter 22 is about rules for protection of property and social responsibilities that God demands from them in the Covenant. On Chapter 23, God command to Moses to tell Israelites about Mercy and justice in the land of Egypt, so as rules about foreigners their major festivities, Sabbath days and God’s angel to prepare the way. Chapter 24 is about the confirmation of the Covenant and the glory Lord from Moses to people and people to God. Overall, personally I think these 5 chapters are more constrained for proposing and accepting the Covenant by Lord to Moses and Moses to people. The set of rules that need to be binned between them are set in the middle....
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