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Islam – November 30

Islam – November 30 - Islam Sharyah the...

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Islam – November 30, 2011 Sharyah: the idea is about the religious law. How individuals and societies should construct life. SCHOOLS: HANAFI: Oldest formal school of law founded in 8 th century by Abu Hanifa. Son of a Persian slave. Dominent school in certain part of world. North Africa, Egypt, Syria, Iraq. SHAFI: Another school of law. Most famous jurist of Muslim law. One of his concerns was trying to define the xtend to which we should rely on textual and admit the personal reasoning of judges. We should have absolute dependent on Qur’an and SUNAT. His views was dominated around south east Asia. MALIKI: 8 th century, Egypt, North Africa, Spain, Sudan, West Africa. More liberal in some respects and equal weights to scriptural. HANBALI: Small school numerically but it has outside’s influence. In Saudi Arabia. Legal system in Saudi Arabia, Very conservative and exerts disproportionate law. * Differences Between SHIA and SUNNI: Shia differentiate itself from the very beginning. After the death of Mohammad there was difference in who
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