Islam notes - RLG 100Y1"Islam Historical Material after the...

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RLG 100Y1 "Islam" November 23, 2011 Historical Material after the Death of Mohammad Mohammad creates alliances with people in the Arabian Peninsula Many of these agreements expired with the death of Mohammad, saw it as a free way to resume their practices from earlier, including how to establish and maintain it There is a question of who is going to lead and guide the community from then on One group feels strongly that the leadership of the community should pass through the bloodlines, specifically Mohammed's son-in-law, Ali Many members of the community feel he is not able to take on such a social role because of his age, instead it is given to one of the elders, Abu Bakr who was Mohammed's best friend Bakr takes on leadership of the community, as such he becomes the first caliph or central leader of the Muslim community A caliph implies not only political leadership but he is also re-implies commitment, he carries the faith, not quite like the pope but is responsible for keeping the faith together, for ensuring its survival and its continuity Has religious and political responsibilities Becomes the first of the institution of the caliphate Tries to retain the communities that Mohammad tried to negotiate He manages not only to consolidate the peninsula, but other parts of the Muslim faith in the Middle East (?) Umar remains a caliph for ten years, remains productive in terms of the Muslim community, under his realm the community ventures into the areas we now know as Syria and modern-day Iraq, takes over the North of Africa, spreads very widely under his leadership After Umar the third caliph is Uthman Source of resentment, leaves higher offices to people in his family
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Islam notes - RLG 100Y1"Islam Historical Material after the...

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