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Lecture 11 - Modern Judaism Continued - October 24

Lecture 11 - Modern Judaism Continued - October 24 -...

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October 24/2011. Lecture 11 – Modern Judaism -Reform did away with the Talmud, used the vernacular of where the synagogue was located Conservative Judaism – Zacharias Frankel: -greater opening up of congregational practice so that each can choose which practices should require more priority -retained Hebrew language, head coverings, observed kosher food laws, observed holidays and Sabbath -allowed for greater participation of women in roles of leadership, could be rabbis Orthodox : -continued to observe segregation of sexes in congregational practices -all members are expected to maintain kosher practice and laws -free to participate in civil society without compromising Jewish faith Hasidism (little earlier than Orthodox, 18 th century): -Baal Shem Tou -Grew up as an orphan in the area of Romania -evolves a part of practice much less concerned with scriptural study, scholarly engagement in scripture, more concerned with simple acts of/within piety -emphasis on acts of humility, good deeds, prayer, reflection, teaching through less emphasis on Torah and scripture, more on small individual stories -more pietistic approach -leaders were called the Tsaddik “the pure/righteous ones” Zionism: -Jewish movement of the late 19 th century -major focus was to establish a Jewish homeland for the Jewish people -since the year 135 CE when the Jews were exiled from Palestine by the Romans, Jews were displaced, spread apart and experience a lot of persecution and discrimination due to persecution - Theodor Herzl:
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